KOBI™ Helps Children Read

Create your own stories with AI Story Shaker.


Your Reading Adventures

No more boring children's books! Practice becomes much more entertaining - even for struggling readers - with Story Shaker, the latest AI feature that lets your child to generate the stories he or she desires.


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The Joy of Creating
Stories with AI

Create endless stories with fun characters & adventures to choose from, making each story completely unique.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is like a computer program that mimics intellect to perform tasks such as learning, problem solving - and writing!

How does it work?​

Story Shaker lets your child to select story elements to read about. KOBI AI then writes a unique and easy-to-read tale.

Is it safe for kids?

KOBI is made with children's privacy and safety in mind. All story components are managed, so children cannot unintentionally share any private information.

Your Happy Reading Place​

KOBI is the #1 eReader that provides all the support your kid needs on the path to reading fluency.