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Help, My Kid is Failing the Reading Class!

Some kids learn to read by themselves. Others fail to learn to read properly their whole life. Brian Cambourne’s journal article “Conditions for Literacy Learning: Why

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How to Improve Your Kid’s Reading in 2021

Looks like 2021 is going to be another COVID-19 impacted year, which means parents will once again have to semi-homeschool their kids. Read how you can best support your kid’s reading development at home.


Dyslexic Creativity Books™ by KOBI

Because every kid now and then needs a break from digital screens, we decided to give them a more traditional way of learning to read. We have created a series of dyslexia-friendly books, called Dyslexic Creativity Books.

In the media

KOBI takes part in the Future of Living Exhibition

Future of Living: Vienna is an exhibition of contemporary Slovenian design by the Centre for Creativity of the Ljubljana Museum of Architecture and Design, in cooperation with Slovenian Culture and Information Centre, Vienna (SKICA), Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Vienna.

Stories of Success

The Promoting Enterprise recently held their SME Assembly 2020. Eight entrepreneurs shared how they have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective sectors and areas of expertise.

Kobi Pitching at EDTECH WEEK in New York

Like many other events, EDTECH WEEK 2020 is going digital this year. We are proud to announce, Kobi was selected to present our story at Edtech week’s Shark Tank!