AI reshaping education: KOBI App Reimagining Dyslexia Learning with GPT-3 Technology

KOBI Story Shaker
With literacy rates declining globally and dyslexic children facing unique challenges in mastering reading skills, a new app called KOBI is reimagining dyslexia learning through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – KOBI is a specialized e-reader app designed to support dyslexic children in their reading journey. It offers a range of tools and techniques to help children decode words and customize their reading experience to suit their individual needs. In addition, KOBI now offers an exciting new feature that allows children to create stories without actually writing them.

Using the power of AI, children can choose topics they like, and KOBI’s GPT-3 technology combines them into a unique and personalized story. These stories are fun, short, and suitable for beginning readers, helping to build their confidence and improve their literacy skills. This innovative feature provides a unique opportunity for children with dyslexia to explore their creativity and express themselves through reading.

“We’re incredibly excited to offer this new feature on the KOBI app,” said the app’s project lead. “Our goal is to provide children with dyslexia a fun and engaging platform to develop their literacy skills. The AI-powered story creator is just the beginning of what we have in store for the app, as we’re preparing a number of new amazing features that leverage the power of AI.”

The KOBI app is now available for download on Android platform, and it is quickly becoming the go-to resource for parents and educators looking to support dyslexic children in their reading journey.

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Picking the Perfect Color

By Katty & KOBI

Fox was a smart animal. She found a box of colored pencils. She was excited! Inside were every color of the rainbow. Fox was trying to pick the perfect hue.

Suddenly, a nosy deer approached. She asked, “What are you looking for?” Fox smiled and said, “The perfect color.”

The two animals searched together. Finally, Fox found the perfect color! It looked like sunshine.

Fox thanked the deer for her help. Together, they both smiled and jumped for joy.

Then, Fox used the colored pencil to draw a picture. It was a lovely picture of a rainbow.

The deer admired the colorful painting. She said, “That’s the perfect color!” Fox smiled and said, “I know!”

The animals stayed together for the rest of the day. Fox was very happy because she found the perfect color!