Expert Approved

KOBI has been evaluated by teachers and experts and is now listed among the best apps for kids on Google Play!

It’s not always easy for parents and teachers to figure out which apps are appropriate for their children. That’s why Google chose to launch a new “Approved by Teachers” section on Google Play. 

Great Apps for Kids

Google works with teachers and education and media experts to highlight the best apps for kids on Google Play. These experts review the apps you see on the Kids tab. They only approve apps that are fun or inspiring, age-appropriate, and well-designed.

About KOBI

Kobi is the eReader that provides appropriate support while learning to read. It is intended for young readers and is particularly suitable for those who struggle. Kobi combines recognized methods with innovative techniques that measurably increase the effect of the reading training and make reading a pleasant learning experience.

Appropriate for
Ages 6-12

Language arts

Fun and engaging
Popular topic

Thoughtfully designed for children
Words and sounds
Ease of use
Art and animation

Creativity and imagination
Great story

Positive messages
Love of learning

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