Classic Adventures to Re-Read With Your Kid on a Rainy Weekend

April has started and with it came the moody April weather. One minute the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the skies are blue, the next the rain is coming down like on a judgement day. You don’t even have time to put on your running shoes between the weather changes, let alone enjoy a walk in nature.

But there is a solution. To stay at home, grab a cup of tea, and read a book instead. Here are a few stories you can enjoy with your kid on a rainy April weekend.

The Jungle Book

This classical story was first written in 1894 but was more famously converted into films by Disney about seventy years later. Relieve the adventures of a boy, who was raised by the wolves and could talk to animals. The Jungle Book is not just a fun read, but it teaches your kid about authority, obedience, and on the other side – freedom. You can read the story in Kobi, where the book is adapted for different grade levels, so you can choose the difficulty that suits your kid.

Peter Pan

Although the character of Peter Pan first appeared in an adult novel, it is today loved by children of all ages. Peter Pan is a mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up. He is the leader of a group called The Lost Boys on the mythical island of Neverland. Just like The Jungle Book, Peter Pan was successfully adapted by Disney, who turned the story into a worldwide phenomenon.

In Kobi, the story is broken down into chapters which allows for easier reading and provides additional motivation for the kids.

Bad Bat and the Sticky Pie

The Bad Bat is a series of stories for early readers. The stories were written by Stuart B. Baum, who believes, there are not enough interesting stories for very early readers. So he, along with his wife, decided to write about a Bad Bat, who, as the author puts it, is not really an upstanding citizen.

Each Bad Bat story is designed to teach different words or sounds. Bad Bat and the Sticky Pie is perfect for learning words that end in a y, and to learn silent e’s. So for example, how the e changes ‘mad’ to ‘made’ and ‘bit’ to ‘bite’.

Read all ten stories in the Kobi reader.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Who can forget the wonderful adventures of Peter Rabbit and his three comrades – Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail? This classical story by Beatrix Potter stayed in the hearts of so many of us. I can still remember when my mum used to read this story to me. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit talks about Peter, who disobeys his mother’s orders by going into Mr. McGregor’s garden. He almost gets caught but learns a lesson.

The story is perfect to create a fun childhood memory for your kid.

The Three Little Pigs

This story focuses on three little pigs and one mama pig. Mama pig doesn’t have enough food to feed all her little pigs, so she sends them away from home and into the world. But on the road, the three little pigs encounter a hungry wolf who tries to eat them.

Remember how the story ends?

Read it in the Kobi app.

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