Dyslexia Show Cancellation

A few months ago we were invited to exhibit at Dyslexia Show 2020. We were excited and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce Kobi to the UK market in person.

We had so much planned. Our team designed new graphics & banners, developers polished the app’s interface, marketeers prepared special promotional offers just for the show. We even made a VR experience to keep children entertained and prepared prizes for those participating in the Kobi VR Challenge.

Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus crisis, we are forced to cancel all activities related to the show.

Since we are stationed in the heart of the European Covid-19 outbreak, we feel it would be irresponsible to go ahead with the planned activities. Additionally, our main activities would revolve around the VR experience, but putting VR headsets from one head to another during the outbreak is dangerous even when all precautions are in place.

We are sad, but are at the same time looking forward to meeting all of you at the Dyslexia Show 2021.

The KOBI team

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