Dyslexic Creativity Books™ by KOBI

Because every kid now and then needs a break from digital screens, we decided to give them a more traditional way of learning to read. We have created a series of dyslexia-friendly books, called Dyslexic Creativity Books.

Dyslexic Creativity Books are physical books that are focused on teaching kids to read.


  • Colored letters make your kid’s reading more accurate, reducing errors and pauses in reading.
  • Bold vowels make your kid’s reading faster, improving reading comprehension in the process.
  • Larger font & line-height make reading easier for your kid.
  • Books check your kid’s reading comprehension by asking questions during reading. Your kid answers questions by drawing images, encouraging their creativity.
  • At the end of the book, your kid gets a special diploma, making sure the story will forever be embedded in your kid’s memory as a happy family moment.

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