Free Access to Kobi App

Due to several schools closing, the Kobi team decided to take action. We are granting free access to the full Kobi app to children who are learning to read, but are stuck at home.

The Coronavirus is spreading quickly, with more and more schools and public institutions temporarily closing its doors. Although schools are setting up online solutions for remote learning, the Kobi team believes every effort should be done to optimize the child’s learning progress during this difficult time. With limited access to education and learning resources, the child’s progress might be slowed. 

The Kobi team, therefore, decided to support children in every way possible. We are offering free monthly codes that will grant full access to the Kobi app.

Kobi is a mobile app that helps children learn to read. It is carefully crafted for readers, who are struggling with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. 

The app allows users to import any book (physical or digital), adjust the texts according to the user’s needs and track their progress.

As an Edtech newcomer, Kobi was approved by the British Dyslexia Association as it is based on proven science and was granted the coveted “Assured” badge in December.

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