How to Efficiently Use Apple’s Family Sharing Feature with KOBI

Apple has recently announced they are making the Family Sharing function available on subscriptions, which means KOBI just got better.

Apple has recently announced, they are making the Family Sharing function available on subscriptions. Up until now, the service was only available for apps you bought directly in the AppStore, which meant KOBI subscribers couldn’t share their content with their family. But with Apple’s integration of Family Sharing on subscriptions, the feature will now be available to all iOS users.

What is Apple’s Family Sharing

Family Sharing is Apple’s way of connecting family devices into a single group. This enables users in a group to easily share, exchange, or – in case you have kids – monitor which content was bought on specific devices.

One License for the Whole Family

Most importantly, Apple’s Family Sharing allows sharing existing apps & subscriptions. This means you can buy a subscription to KOBI from your own device and then share it with your kids & family. That means that you only need to pay a single license for the whole family.

Prepare Content on Your Device…

Additionally, one of KOBI’s preferred features now becomes even more powerful! With family sharing, you can now use your own device to scan physical books & prepare the content. Once you are ready…

…Then Share with Your Kid

… You can share the content with your kid’s device. Your kid can then read whatever you have prepared. No more annoying device sharing or kids using your device for reading.

Additional Benefits

You can now manage subscription payments directly from your device, instead of risking the purchase on your kid’s device. This means you can better control what your kid can and cannot purchase. You can allow payments on your kid’s device, but they are under your control. Think of it like giving your kid an ‘allowance’ that they can spend on apps & content.

Additionally, you can monitor how much time kids spend on their devices and limit usage time, so if you agree to 15-minute reading sessions, you can simply limit your kid’s screen time to that number.

Family Sharing Limitations

Apple’s family sharing is limited to six people, usually your immediate family. The feature is limited to iOS 8 and newer, which shouldn’t be an issue as most iOS users update their systems regularly. Keep in mind, that if purchase sharing is enabled, the organizer’s credit card will be used for all purchases.

How to Set up Family Sharing

Setting up Family Sharing is fairly simple and can be done through different devices. To set up Family Sharing, please follow Apple’s instructions:

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