Kobi Convinced the Entrepreneurial Community at the PODIM Conference

KOBI got recognition at the hugely successful international PODIM conference that gathered 1000+ participants in Maribor in the past few days!

PODIM is the largest startup conference in the region, where entrepreneurs, investors and good ideas come together. Organizers have selected 160 of those with the highest potential from the 700 registered companies this year. Only a quarter of us came from Slovenia.

KOBI on stage at PODIM 2019

Not once, but TWO times Kobi jumped on the big stage to stand side by side with the best start-ups in this part of Europe. First, the usefulness of the application was confirmed by the nomination for the Slovenian Start-up of 2019. The second recognition came from foreign entrepreneurs and investors who sent Kobi to the finals of the PODIM Challenge competition.

KOBI shows that socially responsible projects can also inspire entrepreneurs and investors.

These wonderful recognitions only strengthen our motivation – we started this project because of the children & their fundamental right to literacy.

Being in Maribor was also an opportunity to make new connections to reach out to more schools, parents and publishing houses as we want to offer more useful content, more quality literature, home reading books and more.

KOBI knows well that literacy is a fundamental right of every child.

The proud KOBI team
The proud KOBI team

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