“Biggest update yet” coming to Kobi

Update the Kobi app to version 1.29.0 and skyrocket your kid's reading progress with Guided Reading!

The break is over, and it’s time to go back to school! The Kobi team has been working hard all summer long to bring you a brand new version of the Kobi app just when the new school year begins.

Kobi’s bookshelf gets a fresh look!

The update has been in development since March and will benefit kids immensely.

We gave the whole app a rethink. The Kobi team talked to parents, kids, and whole communities to understand where major problems when learning to read arise.

The result of all this information gathering is a sleek new learning flow that will benefit your kid from day one.

What’s new?

We believe a good reading session begins with the right content. The updated Kobi app will suggest what your kid should be reading based on their reading skill. Say goodbye to frustration because the content is too simple or difficult for your kid.

If your kid quickly switches focus from one task to another, we have good news for you too! We have improved the finger reading feature, making it easy for your kid to follow the story. Simply highlight the text with the finger and stay focused on what’s important.

If your kid gets stuck anyway, we added a double-tap feature, that provides help with a tricky word or two. Just make sure your kid isn’t using the feature to have Kobi read instead of them:)


  • The new Guided Reading suggests books your kid should be reading based on their skill level.
  • The improved finger reading mode helps your kid stay focused.
  • The new double-tap feature helps if your kid gets stuck.

All in all the features allow kids to read independently. This means you can be preparing dinner or folding laundry while your kid reads.

Right, with all the new features, we almost forgot. The Kobi app also got a fresh look for your kid’s bookshelf, online library, and reading progress!

Improve your kid’s focus with Kobi’s Finger reading!

Download the new version and start reading today!

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