Spreading the Dyslexia Awareness

Ursula Lavrenčič recently talked about Kobi and the importance of early intervention at POPRI's workshop at the Primorska technology park in Nova Gorica.

Did you know that part of our mission is to spread awareness about dyslexia and the importance of early intervention? Through local and international lectures & presentations we regularly reach out to teachers, parents & policy makers.

Most recently, POPRI invited our Ursula Lavrenčič to give a talk to education advisors from local schools.

In Slovenia alone, 10.000 children are currently facing problems with learning to read.


POPRI (the acronym means ‘The Company for the Future‘) is a Slovenian entrepreneurial competition that has been providing young people since 2005 with excellent opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial mind-setcreativity, and innovation, thus allowing them to acquire new skills and experience.

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