We Are Gifting You FREE Reading Minutes

Every kid has a fundamental right to learn to read. This was our mission statement when we started the KOBI project and it hasn’t changed since. Kobi immediately gained popularity in communities that deal with dyslexia. In 2020, more than 1+ million words have been read with Kobi, the mobile app was used in 150+ international schools, and more than 20,000 families are supporting their kids’ reading development with Kobi.

Although the numbers are impressive, we are always looking at how to do more. How to reach more families, how to help more children. And so we have decided to give FREE READING MINUTES to anyone who wants to try the mobile app out.

How it works

Everyone who registers a KOBI account will now receive free READING MINUTES every week. You will be able to spend those minutes on any story available in the app. Additionally, you will be able to use all the other features, such as the books scanner, text importer, the focus frame, as well. So for the duration of the free minutes, you will have unlimited access to the mobile app.

The FREE minutes will reset every Monday, giving you additional minutes for the next week.

What if I run out of minutes?

When you run out of available minutes, you have two options.

One is to create a premium account, which gives you unlimited minutes and, therefore, unlimited reading & development for your kid. 

Another option is to wait until Monday when the minutes reset & you get additional minutes.

What about existing subscribers?

Nothing changes for you. The subscription gives you unlimited reading minutes, so you can continue enjoying the Kobi app without any restrictions.

When are the changes taking place?

Changes on both iOS and Android systems are now active.

Another step towards the goal

When words and letters are your child’s biggest enemy, we as parents need to make reading practice easier. Together, we are providing an inclusive education for all children, including the ones with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences.

We feel like giving users the ability to use Kobi for free is the next step towards our end goal of providing an inclusive education for all children. 

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