How to redeem your code

If you have a code for an extended free trial, please follow these steps to redeem it.

Step by step

Make sure that the description “You won’t be charged before …” states the date 1 month from today. If you cancel before this date, you will not be charged anything.

More information about how to manage subscriptions: Google Support.


Instruction videos

how to use the kobification menu

KOBIFICATION instantly improves reading rate and accuracy. Success motivates kids to read more & more and this leads to reading fluency and a better comprehension.

How to use the Focus Frame

Focus Frame keeps distractions hidden and helps your child stay focused and stress-free.

How to choose the letter type

Reading is easier with Kobi. Watch the video & learn how to choose the font that suits your child.

How to define the background color

Background colors provide a quick burst of motivation for a child, as the reading gets easier in an instant. Watch the video & learn how to choose the background that suits your child.

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