KOBI Helps Children Read

Kid struggling with reading?

Kid lagging behind his brothers and sisters in reading?

Does he struggle with pronouncing words?

Does he try to guess the words he is suppose to read?

There is a better way to learn to read.

Teacher Approved app

Teacher Approved

Introducing the KOBI eReader

Reading Made Easy

Colored letters are the heart and the soul of the KOBI app. KOBI’s smart algorithm converts black and white text into a colorful story, which makes reading easy even for struggling readers!

KOBI dyslexia app - Book Scanner

No More Fuss Over Content

KOBI allows you to IMPORT digital or SCAN physical books. It comes with a pre-installed library of stories, carefully selected to suit a struggling reader.​

Follow Your Kid’s Reading Progress

We want to see your kid smile. After every reading session, KOBI displays the number of words your kid has read and motivates them to read MORE! This pure motivation leads to reading fluency and transforms your kid into a happy, avid reader.​

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