Learning to read

A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

A structured, phonics-based approach to reading that any parent can teach at home.

How to turn a struggling reader into an avid reader in just 30-minutes a day.

Easy to Understand

Written in simple, understandable language. No previous knowledge or special skills required.

Simple to Follow

The Guide is divided into four phases of the learning to read process. It is easy to customize to your child's learning experience.

Executable Plan

The Guide comes with a plan that you can start executing immediately.

Recommended Exercises

Carefully selected exercises for each phase of the learning process will add fun of the learning experience.

Parents are their children’s first teacher, brain builder, tech navigator, advocate and coach.

About the Authors


When words and letters are your child's biggest enemy, we as parents need to make reading practice easier. Together we are providing inclusive education for all children, including the ones with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences.
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Learn How You Can Teach Reading at Home

Using a structured, phonics-based approach to reading