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Will KOBI work on my Phone?

Yes, and an easy way to let your child try out the method. Keep in mind that KOBI has been designed for maximum readability on tablets.

Will it work on Chromebooks?

While you can install and use Android apps on Chromebooks, some functions may work differently than on Android devices. Update your Chrome OS to the latest version and enabling the Google Play store on your device to give it a try.

How do I add books?

Basically you can add any book to KOBI. Snap a photo of a piece of text and you’re ready to start reading. Import directly DRM free EPUB, PDF and txt files from your favourite cloud service. Or get your free books from our expanding KOBI Library!

Does KOBI provide coloured backgrounds?

We received a lot of requests for this and added the choice of background colour. That way children can further boost KOBI’s level of readability to their own liking.

Do you have a free trial?

Sure, just download the app and you’re ready to give it a try. You can opt for a subscription of your choice to unlock all its features and start the learning.

Can I use KOBI in the classroom?

KOBI supports teachers too! You can add as many students to your KOBI account and quickly prepare what he/she needs to read. Ask your school to start using KOBI!

Does KOBI supports Apple's Family Share?

Yes, KOBI for IOS allows you to share 6 Months & Yearly subscriptions in a family group. That means that you only need to pay a single license for the whole family.

How do I set up Family Share on IOS?

Setting up Family Share is fairly simple and can be done through different devices. To set up Family Share, please follow Apple’s instructions.


Instruction videos

How to use the kobification menu

KOBIFICATION instantly improves reading rate and accuracy. Success motivates kids to read more & more and this leads to reading fluency and a better comprehension.

How to use the Focus Frame

Focus Frame keeps distractions hidden and helps your child stay focused and stress-free.

How to choose the letter type

Reading is easier with Kobi. Watch the video & learn how to choose the font that suits your child.

How to set the background color

Background colors provide a quick burst of motivation for a child, as the reading gets easier in an instant. Watch the video & learn how to choose the background that suits your child.

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