KOBI Helps Children Read

All the Tools Your Kid Needs on the Path to Reading Fluency.​

What is Kobi?​

A learning to read app that provides support so that daily reading practice can be enjoyable even for struggling readers!

Who is Kobi for?

For every parent who wants to boost their child's literacy skills! Perfect for 5 - 10 year olds!

How does it work?​

Kobi provides tools that improve your kid's reading speed, accuracy and motivation. All the key elements of fluent reading!

Reading Made Easy

Colored letters are the heart and the soul of the Kobi app. Kobi’s smart algorithm converts black and white text into a colorful story, which makes reading easy even for struggling readers!

KOBI's Kobification panel for dyslexia
KOBI dyslexia app - Book Scanner

No More Fuss Over Content

Kobi allows you to IMPORT digital or SCAN physical books. It comes with a pre-installed library of stories, carefully selected to suit a struggling reader.​

Follow Your Kid’s Reading Progress

We want to see your kid smile. After every reading session, Kobi displays the number of words your kid has read and motivates them to read MORE! This pure motivation leads to reading fluency and transforms your kid into a happy, avid reader.​

KOBI lets your child read with a smile

Additional Benefits

Keep Your Child

Kobi's adjustable Focus Frame keeps distractions hidden and helps your child stay focused and stress-free.

Dyslexia-friendly Formatting

Kobi was designed with optimum readability in mind. By adjusting fonts and background colors you can easily personalize texts to your kid's needs.

Master Complicated Words

Unknown or complicated words are easy to read with Kobi’s Word-To-Speech feature. Click on a word and repeat what you hear to add a new word to your kid's arsenal.

KOBI - Helps Children Read
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Frequently Asked Questions

Kobi is a mobile app that helps children learn to read. It is carefully crafted for young readers, including ones struggling with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, ADHD, and others. Kobi allows users to import or scan any book, adjust the text according to needs and follow the reading progress.

Yes, you can! Kobi has a 7-day FREE trial, giving you the option to explore the app and see for yourself if it is something that might benefit your child!

As mentioned, the first seven days are on us! When choosing between subscriptions, you can choose between a ‘6-month commitment’ plan and a ‘pay as you go’ plan. Plans start as low as $7.49/month.

Currently, we offer Kobi in English and Spanish, Slovene, and Dutch!

Of course you can! Kobi has the option to create multiple profiles for each and every little superhero of yours!

Cancelling is easy! Depending on your device (iOS or Android), go to the respective app store, find your Kobi subscription and cancel it. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us on support@kobiapp.io ANYTIME!