5 Fun Activities to Improve Your Kid’s Reading

April is notorious for moody, unreliable weather. And while this unpredictability seems to ruin all of our outdoor plans, the misty weather might be downright perfect for catching up on some reading activities. And some fun as well!

Here are five activities you can do with your kid to improve their reading skills and have fun at the same time.

Bouncy words

If we can’t have kids running around outside because of the weather, let’s keep them active inside! For this exercise, slowly read a story or a poem to your kid. For every word you read, your kid has to jump!

KOBI_kid jumping in the living room
Kid jumping in the living room. Source: Free Pik

The idea is to really focus on sounding out separate letter and letter pair sounds (morphemes) so the kid gets better at identifying sounds that make up words. The jumping will keep their brain active and tire them out so you won’t have any trouble getting them to sleep in the evening.

Tame the sentence!

In this game, the goal is to create a full sentence with a predetermined number of words. You can ask your kid to, for example, tell you a sentence about your cat. The sentence has to have four words.

Your kid will reply “My cat is very nice”. Then they will count the words and figure out that they have five words instead of four. They will change the sentence into “My cat is nice”.

Take turns. Kids love it when these exercises become difficult for you as well. Could you craft a sentence about a Saber-toothed cat that contains 20 words?

Clapping poems

Find your favorite poems from where you were just a little kid. Undust it, choose a poem, and start singing with your kid. Your kid has to clap to every syllable in the word.

KOBI_Kid and mom clapping hands
Mother and daughter clapping hands. Source: Free Pik

This way, your kid will not just get the feel for syllables, but for the rhythm as well!

Grab on behind

Grab on behind is a fun word game that can be played almost anywhere. Take the last letter of the previous word and start your word with that letter.

For example: Take a fun word to start with. Maybe something magical, like “abracadabra”. The word ends with “a” so your kid has to start their own word with an “a”. For example astronauT. Then you say “twO” – orangE – eaR – road,…

Later, when your kid is older, you can complicate the rules a bit and focus on second letters in the word instead of last letters: aStronaut – sUn – uNder – Nobody,..

Eat that letter!

Our final recommendation works well when you are hungry. You state the word and the letter that you are going to eat. Your kid has to then pronounce the word without that letter and repeat the process.

For example, We have an apple, but I will eat the letter “l”. What do we have? “Appe”. And how are we not going to bake an apple pie???

You can adjust the difficulty by choosing longer words or the number of letters that get eaten. The game challenges kid’s working memory, their focus, and word segmentation.


Sure, moody April’s weather can put a dent in our plans, but try to make the most of it and support your kid’s reading development while having some fun as well.

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