British Dyslexia Association Recognized Kobi’s Excellency

Kobi given another stamp of approval by dyslexia specialists. We are happy to announce, we are now proud members of the British Dyslexia Association.
Kobi British Dyslexia Association

More than 130 schools, libraries, and dyslexia-related institutions already know, Kobi is the best tool in the battle against dyslexia on the market. They use Kobi in their everyday struggles to teach dyslexic children to read.

This time, the confirmation comes from the authority on dyslexia themselves. British Dyslexia Association accepted Kobi into their ranks.

The stamp of approval by such a renowned association gives us additional strength. The strength we will need on the path to complete our vision:

Help every child learn to read. Even when the child learns a bit differently!

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