How to Improve Your Kid’s Next Report Card in 5 Easy Steps

So your kid got a bad report card. Ooopsie! Happens to the best of us... Here are 5 steps on how to improve your kid’s next report card.

That dreadful moment when your kid brings home their report card and it shows a bad grade in reading. Not the end of the world, but naturally you’ll want to improve your kid’s grade. Here is how you can improve your kid’s report card in 5 easy steps.

Identify Focus Areas

Talk to your kid, understand the reasons behind bad grades and you’ll see what can be improved. It is often a good idea to include your kid’s teacher into this debate as well. Teachers often have insight that kids will try to hide or will be unaware of.

Additionally, understand what your kid’s natural talents are. Is your kid a math genius? Then straight A is a given. Do they tend to shy away from math, but have a musical talent? In that case, a C might be a good enough grade in math.

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Once you talk to your kid and your teacher, you can together identify what areas your kid should improve in next term.

Set Goals

Once you have identified a problematic area or two, talk to your kid about your and his wishes. Try to make your kid understand that learning & grades are important and that it’s in their best interest to improve their grades. This can be easier said than done but try not to be too judgemental and hopefully, your kid will understand the importance of education.

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Once you are on the same page, try to set a goal for the next term. The goal should be challenging, but not too difficult to attain.

Try to adjust the goal to suit your kid. If your kid loves a challenge, set a higher goal. If they tend to get demotivated easily, lower the goal a bit. It is of utmost importance that your kid hits the goal in the next term as that can then have a snowball effect, improving subsequent learning development.

Find Resources & Materials

Once you have an area to improve and the goals your kid needs to hit, it’s important to show your kid you are just as committed to the task as they are. Show them they are not alone and you are willing to put in the work. Help them get resources and materials that will aid them understand the subject.

Obviously, the first step is talking to the teacher. Can they recommend any resources that will help your kid?

Additionally, you can hit the local library, which often has useful materials. You can also find the information you need on the internet, via podcasts or blogs. Kobi’s blog, for example, is overflowing with useful information regarding reading difficulties!

Start Working

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to commence. It’s important to start immediately. Postponing even for a week loses us (and the kid) the motivation, required to do the work. So it’s better to start with learning right away. You can allow your kid a couple of days off later, so as to recognize and praise their enthusiasm to tackle the challenge ahead immediately. This can also help them see that not everything will be “work, work, work” for the next semester and they may be more inclined to put the extra effort in.

Track Progress

Every good plan has milestones. Regularly work with or check in with your kid in order to see how they are progressing. If necessary, call their teacher and check the progress with them as well. Are they seeing your kid’s improved behavior? Or is the kid slacking?

Check whether your kid is getting closer to the goal, and if not, make the necessary course corrections in order to get that final goal.


Getting a bad report card doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It’s simply a new challenge thrown into our lives and the lives of our kids. By reacting positively to the challenge we set an example for our kids to follow in the future.

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