Will Kobi work on my Phone?

Yes, and an easy way to let your child try out the method. Keep in mind that KOBI has been designed for maximum readability on tablets.


Unfortunately not for the moment. We try to reach as much as possible children who experience reading difficulties. That’s why we focus on Android and IOS. 

How do I add books?

Basically you can add any book to KOBI. Snap a photo of a piece of text, import simple text and your ebooks and you’re ready to start reading. Looking for more? Grab your free books from our expanding KOBI Library.

Does KOBI provide coloured backgrounds?

Now you can! We received  a lot of requests for this and added the choice of background colour. That way children can further boost KOBI’s level of readability to their own liking.

Do you have a free trial?

Sure, just download the app and you’re ready to give it a try. You can opt for a subscription of your choice to unlock all its features and start the learning.

CAN I USE KOBI in the classroom?

KOBI supports teachers too! You can add as many students to your KOBI account and quickly prepare what he/she needs to read. Ask your school to start using KOBI!


Video de instrucciones


​​KOBIFICACIÓN instantáneamente mejora la velocidad y la precisión de la lectura que aumentan la fluidez, la comprensión y la alegría de leer.

Assistente de lectura

El cuadro de enfoque esconde toda distracción para que tu niño se mantenga centrado y relajado.

Color de Fondo

Leer es más fácil con Kobi. Mire el video y aprenda cómo elegir el fondo que se adapte a su hijo.

Las letras que te gustan

Leer es más fácil con Kobi. Mire el video y aprenda cómo elegir la fuente que se adapte a su hijo.

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