KOBI Helps Children Read




Dear teachers, dedicated parents, tireless coaches, and all of you who like Kobi believe that just about every kid can enjoy reading! May your year be full of small and big wins! And pass on Kobi’s sweet wishes to your kids 🙂


Have you tried our Chrome plugin yet?

Our chrome plugin makes it possible to directly Kobify websites and online texts. It provides a multitude of settings, try to find the one that suits your child!


Multi-Sensory Learning

We acquire knowledge and skills in different ways. We hear information, we may read it, sometimes we see it and many times we learn through actions.

In the media

Kobi Pitching at EDTECH WEEK in New York

Like many other events, EDTECH WEEK 2020 is going digital this year. We are proud to announce, Kobi was selected to present our story at Edtech week’s Shark Tank!